President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud speaks at RUSI

His Excellency Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of Somalia, joined RUSI on the 21st of November to discuss Somalia’s offensive against Al-Shabaab and his wider vision for Somalia’s future.

Somalia has endured a long period of civil war and the beginning of President Mohamud’s second term has been characterised by renewed large-scale operations designed to counter the Al-Shabaab terrorist group. President Mohamud’s address to RUSI came ahead of an anticipated next phase of these operations.

The President said:

I am confident that, with our common determination and our government and people’s joint efforts, Al-Shabaab can and will be defeated once and for all. To ensure this happens swiftly and sustainably, we need to capitalize on the positive momentum against them in our country.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

The President’s appearance at RUSI was part of a wider visit to the United Kingdom that begun on the 20th of November with the Global Food Security Summit which took place in London.


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