Minister to open inaugural Latin America Security Conference

David Rutley MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Americas and Caribbean, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, will deliver the keynote address at the forthcoming Latin American Security Conference on Friday 27 January.

The Minister will address the UK’s commitment to Latin America in a time of rising geopolitical competition, and the challenges and opportunities for the UK in the region.

The Latin American Security Conference will serve as the premier forum in the UK to discuss the region’s most pressing security policy issues and reflects RUSI’s growing focus on Latin America during a time of political change. The conference will also mark the launch of RUSI’s Shifting Security in Latin America programme, which is dedicated to identifying the leading challenges to sustainable peace in the region, exploring local and international threats, and shedding new light on Latin America’s global relationships including the role of the West, China and Russia.

The conference will bring together policymakers, key experts and academics from the Americas and Europe to consider how national and continental challenges are shaping Latin America’s security and defence agenda including great power competition, strategic thinking across military and intelligence domains, and cross-border security and counter-criminal cooperation.

Speaking alongside the Minister will be:

Juan Pablo Toro, Executive Director, AthenaLab, Chile

Dr Diorella Islas, National School of Intelligence, Mexico

Martin Verrier, Former Deputy Secretary for Drug Enforcement, Government of Argentina

For full details and to register, visit the conference page.

Shifting Security in Latin America Programme

We examine the fast-evolving security and defence agenda in Latin America and consider the most effective ways to counter the leading threats across the region.


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