General Sir Jim Hockenhull Speaks at RUSI for the Launch of the Profession of Arms Series

On Thursday 15 February, the Commander of UK Strategic Command spoke at RUSI on the current threats, challenges and opportunities in cyber and the electromagnetic domain.

General Sir Jim Hockenhull KBE ADC Gen spoke at RUSI for the launch of our Profession of Arms series. The event was chaired by RUSI Distinguished Fellow General Sir Richard Barrons.

With emerging technologies reaching battlefields in Ukraine and elsewhere, General Hockenhull reflected on how it has never been more important to address the challenges of achieving a modern integrated force, where cyber and electromagnetic capabilities play vital roles in modern warfare.

The event also marked the relaunch of our Profession of Arms series, which is aimed at the defence practitioner community and examines contemporary warfare, challenges to the orthodoxies of military doctrines, and behaviours in conflict.

During his address, General Hockenhull said:

The cyber and electromagnetic domain does not have a silver bullet, or a big red button, which is going to solve all our challenges and problems. If you want the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, and our space capability to be as effective as possible and capable of winning the fights we may be involved in in the future, then you have to have a resilient and effective cyber and electromagnetic domain.

General Sir Jim Hockenhull KBE ADC Gen

On leading in the cyber and electromagnetic domain, General Hockenhull also said:

The cyber and electromagnetic domain can make us more lethal, can make us more productive, can make us more precise, can make us more resilient in how we do our business. But it needs the right investment, it needs the right focus, and it needs to do it with a range of partnerships, including with the other domains.

General Sir Jim Hockenhull KBE ADC Gen

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