What does spending 3% of GDP look like? asks Matt Chorley on Times Radio

Featured in Times Radio



"...Its a very substantial increase. Over the next 8 years it's an increase of around 60% in real terms, depending on what exactly the trends in GDP are, but that's quite a lot. The Government could reasonably expect very significant increases in defence capability for that amount. But the nature of modern defence, the sophisticated technology involved and also the skills involved that if you want to get up to that level by 2030 you've got to start preparing now, you've got to start recruiting new people, start building that extra industrial capability, the production lines and so on. And you've got to set up a plan for how we're going to pay for that as we approach that much high level of defence spending..."

Read the report: From Famine to Feast? The Implications of 3% for the UK Defence Budget, by Malcolm Chalmers, 2 September 2022