War in Ukraine: How Russia circumvents economic sanctions

Featured in La Croix



Tom Keatinge, Director of CFCS (Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies), a research centre based in London, points to Turkey and the United Arab Emirates as being at the heart of these circuits. We can add Armenia, Kazakhstan or Georgia. According to the former banker, the system works in particular thanks to the more or less voluntary ignorance of Western companies: “They are in charge of applying the sanctions, but sometimes do not want to sacrifice their interests", deplores Tom Keatinge. When they suddenly see an increase in orders from a customer located in a suspicious country, they should ask themselves why. And who really is the purchasing entity. If they can't answer these questions, they shouldn't sell. He wants Western intelligence services "to ensure, by mapping the value chains, that there are no re-exports", modelled on the work of Israeli intelligence services to prevent Iran's nuclear proliferation...