Sanctions on oligarchs not hurting Putin, crime and security specialist says

Featured on Channel 4 News



Sanctions are easier said than done, so first you have to prove that the assets, in this case the yachts, are actually owned by him - it looks as though that has been achieved. The question now is of course what do Antigua do because they're in the crosshairs here. They don't have sanctions. It sounds as if they're going to follow US and UK sanctions so maybe yes those assets will be detained in Antingua for the time being..." "...These individuals tend not to own big expensive assets like houses and yachts in their own name because the don't want people to know that they own them precisely because when sanctions come along, and they all have been preparing for this for months, if not years, it makes it very difficult for us to identify what they actually own. So yes we can say that Roman Abramovich is sanctioned but what does that precisely relate to other than Chelsea Football Club, which of course everybody knows very well...."