Iran is like an elastic band that’s been pulled too tight

Featured in The New European



For many, it’s sequential,” Tobias Borck of the Royal United Services Institute, (RUSI) told The New European, ‘Policymakers feel that, if they can get the nuclear deal done, then they can move on to other things. However, right now, the JCPOA is a bit like Shrodinger’s cat. It might be alive, it might be dead, but no one wants to open the box and check,” Borck said. For the Biden administration, a failure to reinvigorate the deal would mark a crushing policy failure, “For Iran, it’s not much more promising,” Borck continued, “Despite acting with increased belligerence, they know that walking away from the deal risks the full weight of sanctions snapping back. Lastly, looking on, is Europe, which doesn’t really have any alternate policy ideas to the deal.”