Terrorism, National Security & Intelligence

We explore methods of countering terrorism, terrorist financing and violent extremism, as well as loooking at developments in technology, surveillance and intelligence and what this means for national security.


Climate Change and Energy Security

RUSI’s research addresses climate change as the backdrop to all national security, defence and foreign policy discourses.

Conflict and Security

RUSI’s work offers detailed conflict analysis set against different contexts, and examines conflict prevention, resolution and longer-term recovery.

Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism

Our work addresses the diverse and global nature of threats with research, programming and policy recommendations.

Cyber Security and Resilience

RUSI’s research explores ways to mitigate the risks from cyber attacks and build cyber-resilient societies.

Cyber Strategy

We examine the most pressing strategic challenges related to cyber policy and strategy.


We examine the scale and methods of cybercrime and its impact on national security and prosperity.

Gender and Security

This topic focuses on gender and its impact on conflict, extremism and security, highlighting the importance of a gender lens in policy and programming.

Policing and Law Enforcement

We focus on the challenges facing law-enforcement agencies in the 21st century and the opportunities that exist to overcome them.


Resilience looks at how our political, military,  and societal preparations make us a less attractive target for adversaries – a wider contribution to deterrence for a modern era.

Technology, Security and Intelligence

RUSI’s research spans areas such as the intersection between technology and geopolitics, ethical and legal applications of AI, technology procurement, FinTech and cyber.

UK Foreign and Security Policy

RUSI analyses today’s critical UK foreign policy issues, including the impact of Brexit, the response to Russia and China, and the Asian Pivot.