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Sealing Technology Transfer Leaks: The Whack-a-Mole Analogy

Main Image Credit Charles Lieber, a Harvard professor, leaves court after he and two Chinese nationals were charged with lying about their alleged links to the Chinese government, January 2020. Courtesy of Alamy/Reuters/Katherine Taylor

States that rely on the global exchange of ideas, capital and people face challenges in preventing the theft of sensitive intellectual property.

Recent global trends have brought questions of intellectual property (IP) theft to the fore. The fear is that stolen IP, whether gained through hacking, human intelligence or legal means, could threaten the technological edge of Western militaries. There are many nuanced attack vectors. Rebecca Lucas and Trevor Taylor argue that Western governments will have to adopt a whole-of-government approach, as well as collaborating with allies and partners, to effectively address this

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Rebecca Lucas

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Trevor Taylor

Professorial Research Fellow

Defence, Industries and Society

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