Towards Cross-Border Security

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Analysts propose a trilateral response to problems on the Afghan, Iranian and Pakistani boundaries, beginning with a shelving of existing border disputes

Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Baluchistan and southern Afghanistan are currently plagued by warfare and criminal activity. In early March 2009 the leaders of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan announced a new drive to seek solutions to mutual national security concerns affecting all three countries.

This paper is born out of a RUSI conference that brought together analysts to propose a trilateral response to the region, beginning with a shelving of existing border disputes.

The focus instead should be on realistic solutions based upon capabilities within three areas; dialogue, deterrence and development. A consensus was made on the need for an understanding of respective national priorities and a 'grassroots' building of trust.

Three regional experts contribute to this paper: Dr Muhammad Nasrullah Mirza examines Pakistan border security, Dr Maqsudal Nuri looks at post-colonial politics and Aziz Hakimi examines the cross-border challenges.


Alexander Neill

Senior Research Fellow, Asia Studies

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