Waterways Conference 2022: Obstacles and Opportunities for Manoeuvre Conference Report

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NATO Allies practice river crossing with amphibious rigs at Exercise Saber Strike 18. Courtesy of NATO/Flickr

A report on RUSI's Waterways Conference 2022.

Throughout history, the ability to cross waterways has been fundamental to the successful application of land power. Rivers have often demarcated the frontiers between states precisely because they provide a natural barrier to incursion. They have also provided vital arteries for trade and logistics, so countries have fought for their control. On 27 April 2022, RUSI – in partnership with the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, Institute of Royal Engineers and Royal Engineer Historical Society – hosted a conference examining how modern armies can exploit and overcome water obstacles in the face of precision fires and pervasive sensors.

Dr Jack Watling

Senior Research Fellow, Land Warfare

Military Sciences

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