Securing the Integrity and Resilience of Ukraine’s Financial System: Conference Report

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This report summarises the discussions on Ukraine's financial system that took place during a conference in June 2023.

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The Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS) at RUSI, RUSI Europe, the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO), the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, the Centre for Economic Strategy, the Institute of Legislative Ideas, the Open Data Association, StateWatch, the Independent Association of Banks of Ukraine, the Kyiv School of Economics, RISE Ukraine, Bihus.Info, the Kyiv Independent and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) convened a conference on Securing the Integrity and Resilience of Ukraine’s Financial System. The event took place in London on the eve of the Ukraine Recovery Conference in June 2023 co-hosted by the UK and Ukrainian governments. The event is part of the Supervising and Monitoring Ukraine’s Reconstruction Funds (SMURF) Project, a CFCS-led initiative in partnership with BRDO in Ukraine. SMURF aims to empower Ukraine’s ‘second line of defence’, civil society, to gather the expertise and tools that will enable it to monitor the proper allocation of funds and discourage kleptocracy and corruption. The project was launched in November 2022 and is supported by the NED.

The conference gathered over 170 leading voices, in person and online. It included participants from the finance sector as well as representatives from civil society and high-profile Ukrainian, UK and EU policymakers. There were two main panel events, seven one-on-one discussions and two presentations. This report summarises the main findings of the discussions related to the integrity and resilience of Ukraine’s financial system.

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Забезпечення доброчесності та стійкості фінансової системи України


Dr Daryna Dvornichenko

Deployment Manager, CFS

Centre for Finance and Security

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