RUSI Disruptive Technologies Workshop Report

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This workshop report summarises the discussion of 10 scholars, debating what impact AI has on geopolitics, whether there is a need for a new analytical framework to capture AI’s impact on international relations, and what we can learn from other technologies and their respective impact on geopolitical developments.

Policymakers are striving to understand the use, associated risks and benefits of AI technologies. The technologies are developing at pace and often involve highly technical details. Coumpounded by the persistent hype around AI, this complexity can make it challenging for non-specialists to understand AI’s impact, including in a geopolitical context. Yet, the need to respond to disruptive technological developments is not new: International Relations scholarship has often provided useful tools, frameworks or concepts to understand how such changes impact interstate relations. Can policymakers turn to such scholarship to provide valid analytical tools to better understand AI’s impact on geopolitics?


Dr Pia Hüsch

Research Fellow


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