Unpacking the MENA Programme

This programme assesses current and emerging security challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), bringing together policymakers and experts from the region and beyond.

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The MENA region’s dynamics are characterised by the interplay between a growing presence of new external powers, the evolving strategic calculations and shifting alignments of regional powers, and the ongoing and frozen conflicts in and between states.

The impact of the war in Ukraine and the growing role of Russia and China in the Middle East; the geopolitics of energy and climate; the likely collapse of the nuclear deal with Iran; the evolving foreign policies of and dynamics among regional powers; and the evolution of ongoing conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Israel/Palestine all go some way towards highlighting the tumultuous nature of the region. Moreover, all of these developments have significant security and defence implications for the UK, the rest of Europe and the US.

Through discussions and the publishing of evidence-based analysis, this programme brings together different actors and perspectives to identify potential areas of intervention and synergy across the region and beyond.

Main Image Credit Unpacking the MENA Programme

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