Galvanise Global Leadership to Prevent the Next Pandemic

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Sir Jeremy Farrar and Alice Jamieson of the Wellcome Trust set out priorities for UK health security, detailing current inter-governmental proposals to strengthen global pandemic preparedness and response.

We can do better than this. After more virtual meetings on Covid-19 than we can count – with colleagues at the Wellcome Trust, with national governments, in any number of international forums – the conclusion we keep coming back to is that we can do better than this. And we are going to have to, because more frequent and complex pandemics are on the way.

The pandemic has been the worst global crisis, outside of war, in a century. It has also demonstrated the shortcomings of governments pursuing separate domestic and international agendas. Our collective ability to navigate 21st-century challenges – pandemics, antimicrobial resistance, climate, future energy needs – requires these agendas to be more integrated than ever before. In an increasingly interconnected world, we should expect new viruses to emerge more frequently – and we should be ready for them to be even more dangerous.

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Sir Jeremy Farrar

Director, Wellcome Trust

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Alice Jamieson

Senior Policy Adviser, Wellcome Trust

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