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RUSI During the Coronavirus Pandemic

News, 28 April 2020
The UK government has now issued guidelines on ‘social distancing’ to reduce interaction between people. Accordingly, RUSI has taken the following steps to ensure continuity and added value for our members and stakeholders during these unprecedented times:
  • Similar to other organisations, we will not hold public events for the foreseeable future.
  • The RUSI Library will be closed as well.
  • We expect to reschedule many of our events as an when possible over the coming months.
  • In the interim, we will be launching webinars, conference calls and other virtual meeting opportunities – we will shortly be sending out more detailed information about what is planned and how you can join.
  • We will continue to offer cutting-edge research and analysis, including how the virus is impacting defence and security around the world. 
  • Please visit our website or look for updates in our weekly newsletter and on social media.
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  • Even though most RUSI staff will be working from home, we are very much ‘open for business’ and available to all our stakeholders. 
  • In addition, RUSI is supporting its staff to volunteer their time to the NHS and other welfare efforts. We are all grateful to all the frontline health, social care and other critical workers during this difficult time.

We will monitor the situation closely and will adapt in the best interests of our staff, members and the community at large. 

See latest Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK and protecting older people and vulnerable adults


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