Whitehall Report No. 4: Avionics and Mission Systems: A Key Element in Delivering Through-Life Capability

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WHR3By Keith Hayward and Michael Codner

In its Defence Industrial Strategy (DIS), the UK Ministry of Defence has encouraged the development of new business models for the defence industry. With the Equipment Plan featuring fewer programmes, companies are being asked to develop new ideas and structures for providing support services and systematic programme and capability upgrades. This has thrown out a challenge to all levels of industry and to the MoD as a customer. RUSI is undertaking several projects on the implications of DIS. This Whitehall Report assesses the challenges facing the avionics and mission systems sectors following the DIS; examines the potential effects upon the supply chain of single availability based contracts with the prime contractors; and considers an innovative solution from industry (the Total Support Services alliance) to meet these challenges.

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