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Photo: Government of Dubai - Thursday, July 19, 2018

Strategic Hedging in the Arabian Peninsula: The Politics of the Gulf-Asian Rapprochement

Jean-Loup Samaan
Whitehall Papers, 20 September 2018
Pacific, Central and South Asia, Middle East and North Africa
Offering a new perspective on the geopolitics of Gulf-Asian relations.

Jean-Loup Samaan explores the dynamics underpinning the evolution of strategic partnerships between the Gulf States and Asian partners. He looks at how Gulf countries have pursued a diversification strategy in response to the risk of a potential retreat from the region on the part of traditional partners such as the US, and argues that, rather than being the result of a deliberate common policy on the part of the Gulf States, this trend derives from unilateral choices by Gulf leaders, best explained by the concept of ‘strategic hedging’.

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