Victory Among People: Lessons from Countering Insurgency and Stabilising Fragile States

A substantial volume provides a new set of perspectives on contemporary insurgencies and the challenges of stabilisation

Edited by David Richards and Greg Mills
Including a foreword by Stanley McChrystal
496pp, 2011, Paperback, £15.00 (+P&P)
Co-published with the Brenthurst Foundation

Insurgency and instability continue to trouble a host of states worldwide. In Afghanistan, the effort to restore stable government is nearly a decade old; in Somalia, it is entering its third decade. So what must the international community do better to address conflict?

A unique new volume addresses the question that has plagued United Nations peace-builders and national militaries alike: how are threats to peace defeated in the midst or aftermath of war? Victory Among People provides lessons drawn from its comprehensive set of thematic and country case studies – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe – on counter-insurgency and stabilisation operations.

Published in association with the Brenthurst Foundation, Victory Among People features forewords by the former Commander of ISAF General Stanley McChrystal, President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, former President of Ghana John A Kufuor and Danish Minister for Development Co-operation Søren Pind, as well as an introduction by the co-editors, Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards and Dr Greg Mills, Director of the Brenthurst Foundation.

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Praise for Victory Among People

‘No recent study of counter-insurgency can claim the same breadth and diversity of cases and perspectives as this volume. Victory Among People shall remain a vital reference for practitioners well into the future.’
General Stanley McChrystal

Victory Among People is a major and exceptional contribution to the literature on countering insurgencies and stabilising states in jeopardy.’
President Juan Manuel Santos

Victory Among People rightly identifies the population as the vital prize. Without winning them over to your cause, you stand no chance of success... This is only one of many invaluable insights found in this book, making it a must-read for anyone interested in global peace and security.’
President John A Kufuor


Stanley McChrystal
Juan Manuel Santos
John A Kufuor
Søren Pind

Introduction: Contemporary Insurgency
Greg Mills and David Richards

A Soldier’s Perspective on Countering Insurgency
David Richards

Countering Insurgencies by Preventing Insurgencies
Paula G Thornhill

From Insurgency to Stability to Development: In Afghanistan as Africa
Anthony Arnott and Greg Mills

Special Operations and Instability: A Military Investment Strategy
Michael A Lewis

Intelligence in Low-Intensity Conflicts: Lessons from Afghanistan
Adam Cobb

The Role of Media Operations
Christopher Vernon

Failure to Communicate: ‘Producing’ the War in Afghanistan
David Betz

Ethiopia and Eritrea: The Failure of Counter-Insurgency
Christopher Clapham

Peace-Building in Practice: A Personal Perspective on Liberia and the DRC
Alan Doss

The Military Role in Political Victory: South Africa, Namibia and Apartheid
Greg Mills and David Williams

Who Dares, Loses? The Relevance of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe
Greg Mills and Grahame Wilson

Rwanda: Putting the Insurgency Boot on the Other Foot
Greg Mills

Sierra Leone: ‘Pregnant with Lessons’
David Richards

Somalia: Insurgency and Legitimacy in the Context of State Collapse
J Peter Pham

The Campaign against the LRA: Old Wine in New Bottles
Sandrine Perrot

Countering the Terrorist Insurgency in Bangladesh
A N M Muniruzzaman

Countering Instability in Kashmir
Ved Prakash Malik

The Southern Thailand Insurgency
Alastair Leithead

The Lessons from Northern Ireland: Comparisons with Iraq and Afghanistan
Chris Brown

Coke Isn’t It: Changing a Culture and Image of Violence in Colombia
Greg Mills

El Salvador: When the Insurgents (Finally) Take Over
Greg Mills

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