State Visit - President of the United States

As US President Donald Trump begins his State Visit to the United Kingdom, we present background analysis on the state of Anglo-US relations and US foreign and security policy under Trump.

Britain and the US: The Relationship Runs Deep, Which is Why it is Often Difficult to See

President Trump will be greeted with a torrent of doom-laden criticism when he arrives in the UK on 3 June. Some of this criticism is just wrong, while some simply misses the critical point of this relationship.

Russian Internet Efforts Go Further Than Just Helping President Trump Being Elected

The findings of Robert Mueller’s report demonstrate the sophistication of Russia’s information operations. Yet the 2016 US election may have been a proof of concept for future efforts.

To Understand the INF Treaty’s Demise, Look to the US Republican Party

The INF Treaty’s demise owes to not only Russian violations but also a fundamental shift in the way the current US administration and much of the Republican Party view arms control.

Russia’s ‘Political Solitude’ and the US

Russia’s responses to the US’s actions are often misinterpreted, but examining more closely how Russia approaches the US could help to explain the bilateral relationship’s future trajectory.

President Trump’s Indo–Pacific Economic Investment Initiative: Good, But Not Enough

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has laid out a new vision for American economic engagement in the Indo–Pacific, announcing the rollout of a new US regional infrastructure initiative, which, while not explicitly targeting China’s growing economic power in the region, attempts to provide Indo–Pacific countries with US financial and technical alternatives to China. The funds may be modest, yet they remain important; the key question is whether the strategy will be sustained, and whether it will succeed in engaging other US allies as well.

The US–Russia Relationship is Doomed, for Years to Come

Despite seemingly encouraging signs, the US–Russia relationship is fundamentally unhealthy

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