Russia and China in Europe

RUSI has launched a series of studies exploring the functioning and scope of Russian and Chinese influence and interference operations in Europe.


Axis of Disruption: Chinese and Russian Influence and Interference in Europe
RUSI's Director-General, Karin von Hippel, introduces a new series on Russia and China in Europe.

Between Affluence and Influence: Examining the Role of Russia and China in Austria
In the second paper in RUSI's series on Russia and China in Europe, Tessa Szyszkowitz examines their role in Austria.

Russia and China in Germany
In the third paper in RUSI's series on Russia and China in Europe, John Kampfner examines their interference and influence in Germany.

Sino–Russian Interests in Serbia: Competitive, Coordinated or Complementary?

The fourth paper in RUSI's series on Russia and China in Europe analyses their strategies and influence in Serbia.

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