RUSI Receives Largest Philanthropic Donations to Date in Support of the Redevelopment of its Historic Headquarters

The Law Family Charitable Foundation will be donating £1,000,000 and the Starr International Foundation has granted RUSI $1,500,000 (£1,200,000).

The appeal for 61 Whitehall is based on a sensitive restoration, redevelopment and modernisation of RUSI’s historic headquarters in the heart of Whitehall, which was purposely built for the Institute in 1896. When the refurbishment is complete, RUSI’s staff will move back into a modern, functional work space. It will also include state-of-the-art meeting and conference facilities for members and the policy community. The goal is to render a structure that was constructed for a think tank to prosper in the 19th century fit for that same think tank to succeed in the 21st century, and secure RUSI’s future for many more years to come. 

Lord Hague of Richmond, RUSI’s Chairman, remarked, ‘I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the Law Family and the Starr International Foundation. For many decades, we have not received any gifts of this scale. This is very significant, and we hope these donations attract additional support. I am incredibly grateful to the Law Family and Starr International Foundation for showing such philanthropic leadership. I am also deeply grateful to RUSI’s Senior Vice-President, General David Petraeus, who is a tremendous ambassador for our fundraising in America.’

Dr Karin von Hippel, RUSI’s Director-General, added ‘These gifts are a huge vote of confidence in RUSI, in the quality of our research, analysis and expertise, and of course, in our hardworking and talented staff. These gifts will allow RUSI to invest in its research and conference facilities, as well as our historic Library. They will also help RUSI fulfil its charitable mission by providing independent, non-political analysis and information to the wider public, in the UK and overseas.’

Andrew Law, co-founder of the Law Family Charitable Foundation, explained, ‘I have been impressed with the integrity and quality of RUSI’s research. RUSI scholars delve deeply into many of today’s complex security challenges, while also providing clarity in their analysis. Zoë and I are delighted to be associated with RUSI and all of their incredible work.’

’Starr International Foundation and its frequent philanthropic partner, The Starr Foundation (U.S.), have a longstanding interest in international relations, including issues of national security and defence,’ said Maurice R. Greenberg, Director of Starr International Foundation and Chairman of The Starr Foundation. ‘We want to support the best research and analysis in these areas, which RUSI can provide.’ 


Notes for Editors:

  1. The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is an independent think tank engaged in cutting edge defence and security research. A unique institution, founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington, RUSI embodies nearly two centuries of forward thinking, free discussion and careful reflection on defence and security matters.
  2. The Law Family Charitable Foundation was set up in 2011 by Andrew and Zoë Law to build on existing charitable associations and allow them to provide long-term support for worthwhile causes.
  3. The Starr International Foundation is a Swiss charitable foundation, named after Cornelius Vander Starr, an American businessman who founded C.V. Starr & Co., Starr International Company (SICO), and other companies, some of which were later combined under Starr ownership to form American International Group, Inc (AIG). Under the leadership of Mr. Starr’s successor, Maurice R. Greenberg, AIG grew to be one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. Starr International Foundation has received substantial contributions from the Starr International Charitable Trust, which was established by SICO. The Foundation supports a broad range of educational, environmental, cultural, medical, humanitarian, and other charitable institutions in Switzerland and around the world.
  4. To find out more about RUSI’s Appeal for 61 Whitehall, go to or contact Dr Karin von Hippel, RUSI Director General,

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