RUSI in The Pitt Review

RUSI has been listed as one of the organisations that contributed to the government publication 'Learning lessons from the 2007 floods: An independent review' by Sir Michael Pitt, also known as The Pitt Review.

Flood 2RUSI contributed to the findings of the review by submitting a write-up of the Emergency Response and Civil Defence Workshop, which took place in February 2008 and was partly funded by the Cabinet Office. Also submitted were articles and research documents gathered by the Homeland Security and Resilience department during 2007 and 2008 as part of ongoing research into critical infrastructure resilience and emergency response capabilities in the UK. This included full transcripts of interviews with responders who worked on the 2007 summer floods, some of which have appeared in edited form in the HSR department's monthly publication Homeland Security and Resilience Monitor. The research that contributed to The Pitt Review is part of RUSI's ongoing research programmes into risk and resilience, and emergency response.

As well as being listed amongst the contributors, RUSI is cited directly in Chapter 11, which quotes from an interview with Captain Hugh Fogarty, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute's Head of Fleet Operations, published in the March 2008 edition of Monitor. Executive Summary 66 and Chapter 12, paragraph 49 are informed by comments made during the Emergency Response workshop in February.

The October issue of Homeland Security and Resilience Monitor will be a special edition focusing on the recovery from the summer 2007 floods, with contributions from The Pitt Review Team and the EU Flood Command Project.

For more information on RUSI's research into emergency response capabilities, please contact Jennifer Cole, email: or tel: +44 (0) 207 7747 4958


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