RUSI Partners with King's College London to Offer Summer School Course on Defence Policy and National Military Strategy

This summer, RUSI will lead a course as part of King's College Summer School Programme.  Starting in July 2013, this course offers the chance to gain in-depth understanding of defence and the purposes of armed forces, using the United Kingdom as a key illustration of a major expeditionary military power.

With the particular challenges of affordability and partnerships that this brings, we will consider nations' models and compare the strengths and weaknesses of their processes, policies and strategies to give you a critical understanding of the principles of policy development, strategic theory, and the way those principles have developed.

The course will address national constitutional and legal systems and the significance of influence and public diplomacy and explore the contribution of defence and military power to the wider security of a nation and the integration of all the instruments of security. We will also examine the use of military forces for direct defence of territory, for domestic security, in support of national interest, and for humanitarian reasons. Click here to find out more details about the course.

KCL Kings College LondonThis course is part of King's College London's 2013 Summer School Programme. The Programme is a valuable opportunity for students who look forward to careers in public policy, politics, the media, finance and industry as well as academic careers and other disciplines. Click here to find out more details about the Summer School.

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