RUSI in the News - September 2008

Citations of RUSI expert analysis and initiatives in the global media, September 2008.

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RUSI Experts in the News

Zimbabwe and South Africa

The power-sharing agreement between Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe was viewed as an indication of both parties’ willingness to acknowledge the existence of their rival on the political landscape. Thabo Mbeki’s softly-softly approach towards Zimbabwe has been vindicated, according to RUSI’s Knox Chitiyo, particularly following the new toughness he has displayed in recent months.

International Herald Tribune, Al Jazeera, The Guardian

RUSI Analysis on Zimbabwe

Russia and Georgia

President Dmitri Medvedev’s announcement of plans to modernise Russia’s strategic nuclear forces by 2020 has been viewed as evidence of an increasingly assertive Russian policy. RUSI Director Michael Clarke notes that although the announcement is intended to appear as a reaction to American build-up in Poland and the Czech Republic, it in fact forms part of a long-term planned increase to Russia’s nuclear capabilities.

BBC Radio 4

RUSI Analysis on the crisis in Georgia

Somalian piracy

The seizure of a Ukrainian ship carrying thirty-three T72 battle tanks by Somalian pirates illustrates that the region now represents a new global security problem. RUSI’s Knox Chitiyo warns that the international community will need to take notice in order to avoid a potentially major international incident in the future.

BBC Online, BBC World Service, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

UK Terrorism

The failure of a jury to convict eight men accused of plotting to blow up a series of transatlantic flights has raised questions over high-level American involvement in the investigation. Michael Clarke sees the decision to arrest the suspect Rashid Rauf in Bahawalpur, Pakistan as evidence of an American desire to force Britain’s hand.

Radio 4, The Telegraph, Aberdeen Press and Journal

RUSI Analysis on UK terror trials

Lib Dem paper calls for UK strategic and defence review

A report by former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell warns that Britain’s armed forces are overstretched, with the military budget in crisis. Royal United Services Institute estimates, which formed a key element of the report, indicate that the Ministry of Defence's procurement plans for new equipment have been underfunded by up to £15bn over a 10-year period.

BBC, The Guardian

RUSI Military Sciences analysis


Reports of RUSI events

NATO Secretary General at RUSI

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili stated that he is not currently pressing for NATO membership, focusing on rebuilding after conflict with Russia. Speaking at RUSI, however, the NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer reaffirmed his support for Georgia to become a full member of the organisation.

The Independent, USA Today, The Guardian

NATO Secretary-General's Speech at RUSI


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