RUSI in the News March 2013

Selected citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media, March 2013

31/3/13: Nato alarm over Afghan army crisis |Shashank Joshi in The Independent

28/3/13: Is China Pivoting to the Middle East? | Raffaello Pantucci in The Atlantic

27/3/13: What is driving North Korea's threats? | Andrea Berger on BBC News 

27/3/13: Arab League: Legitimising Syria's opposition | Michael Stephens on AlJazeera

19/3/13: US shifts missile shield focus to N Korea | Avnish Patel in Voice of Russia

19/3/13: Middle East: here, there and everywhere | David Roberts in the Financial Times

18/3/13: Iraq heading towards fragmentation | Gareth Stansfield in Gulf News

17/3/13: David Cameron steps in to save the Red Arrows | Elizabeth Quintana in the Sunday Express

12/3/13: Trident submarine-launched missiles: For and against | Malcolm Chalmers on BBC Daily Politics

9/3/13: It is rash to blunt the UK's fighting edge | Malcolm Chalmers in The Financial Times

8/3/13: How potent are North Korea's threats? | Andrea Berger on BBC News

7/3/13: Why should Scots march to a different army tune? Malcolm Chalmers in The Herald

6/3/13: European Leaders Send Condolences to Venezuela | Matt Ince on Voice of America

5/3/13: Iraq 10 years on: Lessons from history for politicians | Michael Clarke on BBC Daily Politics

4/3/13: UAE coup plot trial of 94 opens | Michael Stephens in the Financial Times

2/3/13: MoD to cut number of troops relocating to Scotland | | RUSI report in The Scotsman

2/3/13: Defence Minister warns on Treasury cuts | RUSI report in the Financial Times

2/3/13: More aid, but no arms for Syrian opposition | Jonathan Eyal in Deutche Welle

2/3/13: Battle Lines Are Drawn Over Austerity Post-2015 | | RUSI report on Sky News

1/3/13: US Syria strategy aims to salvage reputation | Shashank Joshi on BBC News

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