RUSI In the News March 2011

Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from March 2011

Middle East

As the attention of the international media turned from Egypt and Tunisia to their sandwiched neighbour, Libya, members of various RUSI departments were turned to for analysis of various aspects - strategic, financial and legal, for example - of the conflict.

The nature of the conflict and what's at stake
COVERAGE: Channel 4, Scotland on Sunday, Financial Times, Bloomberg (twice), News 24, New York Times, Al Jazeera, BBC Newsnight, BBC Radio 4 Today ProgrammeNeue Zürcher Zeitung, Los Angeles Times

International implications
COVERAGE: Financial Times (twice), Channel 4, CNN, The New York Times, Reuters

Discussions of intervention
COVERAGE: Al-Jazeera, Financial Times (three times), Telegraph, Reuters (three times), BBC News, Voice of America, The Independent, Globe and Mail, Sky News, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, Channel 4, NPR,, Evening Standard

After Resolution 1973
COVERAGE: CNN (three times), The Guardian (three times), The Independent (three times), Financial Times (three times), BBC News (three times), Deutsche Welle, Press TV, Channel 4 News, Bloomberg (twice), The Guardian, Financial Times

COVERAGE: CNN, Bloomberg, Left Foot Forward


With a shrinking defence budget and an unavoidable job redundancy of up to 11,000, the cost of the military campaign in Libya was under intense scrutiny. RUSI analysts were consulted to give their insights on the duration and imminent financial impact of the campaign.

COVERAGE: Financial Times, The Guardian

High-Profile Speakers at the Institute

The need for the UK to confront security challenges both  on a local and international level were highlighted by two keynote speakers this month: Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy delivered a lecture on 'Afghanistan: Lessons for the Future', and Security Minister Baroness Neville- Jones spoke at the 'Terrorism: Emerging Threats and UK Responses' Conference. RUSI also welcomed back General Petraeus, who briefed the audience on the latest happenings in Afghanistan.

Jim Murphy
COVERAGE: The Guardian, Defence Management

Terrorism Conference
COVERAGE: Evening Standard. The Daily Telegraph (twice)

General Petraeus
COVERAGE: AOL News, The Independent, The Guardian (twice), The Telegraph, San Francisco Examiner

In Other News

Channel 4 News featured Middle East Fellow Barak Seener on what a bomb in Jerusalem says about Israel's domestic security apparatus, and the Sunday Express quoted Head of Maritime Studies Dr Lee Willett on the threat posed by piracy around the horn of Africa.

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