RUSI in the News - June 2008

Citations of RUSI staff in the global media in June 2008.

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RUSI Experts in the News

Zimbabwe - June, 2008

Zimbabwe's opposition leader must convince his party he hasn't played into Mugabe's hands.
The Guardian, The Guardian, Financial Times, Council on Foreign Relations, The Star, Bloomberg, and Reuters.

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North Korea - June 28 2008

Alexander Neill Head of the Asia security problem on North Korea                                                 The Scotsman

British Defence Policy - June 28 2008

"What was never envisaged were two cases of regime change where Britain has a moral responsibility to stay for as long as it's needed," says Michael Codner of RUSI                                         Newsweek

Iran - 19 June 2008

'There are no good options with regard to sanctions on oil and gas in Iran,' said Mark Thomas of the Royal United Services Institute in Qatar. 'With oil prices as they are it's (sanctions) not even an option.'

Forty-two Days Detention - 11 June, 2008

Garry Hindle on why we need forty-two days detention.
The Guardian Comment is Free.

A Week in the Life – 8 June, 2008

The Times shadows RUSI Director Professor Michael Clarke and hails him as a ‘deep thinker who makes Britain safer’. 
The Times.

To see a full profile of Professor Michael Clarke, click here.

Afghanistan – 8-10 June, 2008

As the British death toll from the Afghani conflict reaches 100, Professor Michael Clarke and Dr Michael Williams analyse what the future holds for Britain in Afghanistan.
BBC, Press and Journal, The Scotsman.

Professor Michael Clarke on the BBC Today Programme.

Increasing UK troops in Afghanistan:
RUSI Analysis by Michael Clarke

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Cluster bombs - 20 May, 2008

Michael Codner of RUSI states that more sophisticated cluster munitions could be more ethical than unguided bombs if their accuracy was improved. 
The Guardian and The Times.

Russia - 18 and 19 May, 2008

RUSI's Jonathan Eyal predicts the dispute over Arctic oil could simmer for years and pitch Russia into a serious territorial dispute with the US.
The Telegraph and The Age.


4th Annual Science and Technology for Homeland Security and Resilience Conference 2008 - June 25-27 2008

Speaking at RUSI Starnes Walker, director of research at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's science and technology directorate, said tests had shown that high-altitude platforms could detect the launch of such missiles, but there were huge scientific challenges in diverting them off-target.


An Address by Major General Dr Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani - 25 June, 2008

Major General Dr Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani Chief of Public Security, Kingdom of Bahrain launched the RUSI-Kingdom of Bahrain project entitled, the 'Bahrain Homeland and Global Security Forum and Exhibition 2009', which will take place in February 2009 in Manama, Bahrain.

Future Land Warfare Conference - 12 and 13 June, 2008

General Sir Richard Dannatt speaking at the Future Land Warfare Conference at RUSI says, ‘liberal interventionism’ was widely backed in Britain and the army had to adapt to the wishes of the government of the day.
The Guardian and The Telegraph.

An address by General Xiong Guangkai - 9 May 2008

Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, General Xiong Guangkai, lectures Royal United Services Institute on China’s national security policy.
PR Inside.

To read the General's speech, click here and for an analysis of the speech, click here.

2008 Global Leadership Forum - America and the World Beyond 2008 - 1 May 2008

Has the Al-Qa'ida threat has been over-hyped? Sheehan sees his theory supported by some of the presenters at the Global Leadership Forum.
For more: MSN UK and Newsweek.

More on the Global Leaders Forum.


'Global Inequality and Security Policy: A British Perspective' by Malcolm Chalmers

'The greatest security challenges of our time are essentially transnational in character,' says Professor Chalmers 'Global inequality is one of those challenges. Without action to address the phenomenon of growing inequality directly, protective policies can have only partial success.'

For more: UPI

To buy the paper, click here.

More information on Malcolm Chalmers.

‘Delivering Climate Security: International Security Responses to a Climate Changed World’ by Nick Mabey

Former senior advisor to the UK Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, Nick Mabey, warns that governments and businesses must begin to frame climate change as a global security issue.
The Telegraph, The Hindu, AFP, Fox News, Sydney Morning Herald, Asia Times and I-Africa.

To buy the paper, click here.

RUSI Climate Security Programme

‘Without Consequences: Iraq’s Insurgency and the Spectre of Strategic Defeat’, edited by Terence McNamee

Five years from the end of official hostilities in Iraq, this publication looks back at events in Iraq and the possibilities for the future.
The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent and Defense News 

To buy this book, click here.

Other News


Air Chief Marshal Sir John Barraclough, a former Chairman of RUSI dies aged ninety.
The Telegraph.

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