RUSI in the News July 2011

Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from July 2011RUSI in the News

Libya and NATO

The Libya campaign has stretched into its fourth month with little sign that it is coming to any conclusion. Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute this month Liam Fox, the UK Defence Secretary, was highly critical of some NATO countries. He focused on those in the alliance 'still trying to get a free ride' and not sharing the burden in the Libya and Afghanistan campaigns. This comes one month after Robert Gates - the outgoing US Defense Secretary - showed his disdain at NATO's weaknesses and lack of political will for the alliance. RUSI provided a platform for debate by hosting the UK Defence Secretary at the institute, while also giving expert analysis of the ongoing campaign.

COVERAGE: Bloomberg, Telegraph, Reuters Africa

NATO Hacking

The hacking group Anonymous, which has led a hacking campaign against a number of high-profile websites, has claimed that it hacked into NATO's computer network. The claim has raised questions about the security of the network as the group said it was able to retrieve 1 GB of restricted data. The implications of the hacking were analysed with the help of RUSI experts.

 COVERAGE: Telegraph

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