RUSI in the News: January 2013

Selected citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media, January 2013

31/1/13: Viewpoints: Future of the British army | Peter Quentin on BBC News

31/1/13: In Europe, a Moment of Truth Defense | Jonathan Eyal in the Wall Street Journal

31/1/13: Britain was wrong to close Tehran embassy, says David Miliband | RUSI event in The Guardian

31/1/13: Ministers attacked on aid spending | Malcolm Chalmers in the Financial Times

31/1/13: Russia concerned over reports of Israeli attack on Syria | Shashank Joshi on Channel 4 News

30/1/13: Israel hits target in Syria border area | Shashank Joshi on Reuters

30/1/13: MPs worry over Mali 'mission creep' | Michael Clarke in The Financial Times

30/1/13: U.K. Aids France by Boosting Mali Support Force | Michael Codner on Bloomberg

29/1/13: The intervention in Mali: Sand on their boots | Jonathan Eyal in the Chicago Tribune

26/1/13: Mali- Sand in their boots | Jonathan Eyal in the Economist

24/1/13: Israel's tilt to centre fails to impress Arab world | Michael Stephens on Reuters

23/1/13: Experts warns foreigner should head military | Malcolm Chalmers in the Scotsman

22/1/13: Iran may use UN nuclear talks to seek leverage with big powers | Shashank Joshi on Reuters

21/1/13: Austria bucks trend with conscription vote | Henrik Heidenkamp in Deutche Welle

20/1/13: Was one of the al-Qaeda terrorists freed from British custody? | Raffaello Pantucci in the Sunday Telegraph

20/1/13: Neutral Austria votes to keep military draft | Henrik Heidenkamp on Reuters

18/1/13: Terrorism in north Africa - back to the future? | RUSI Speech on BBC News

18/1/13: UN nuclear watchdog, Iran fail again to reach deal | Shashank Joshi in Reuters

18/1/13: UN nuclear watchdog, Iran fail again to reach deal | Shashank Joshi in Reuters

18/1/13: Britons held in Algeria 'significantly fewer than 30' | Tobias Feakin on Channel 4 News

17/1/13: Defence Can Boost Small Business | Trevor Taylor in the Financial Times

16/1/13: Algeria Hostage Crisis | Raffaello Pantucci on PBS Newshour

14/1/13: Will the west regret toppling Gaddafi? | Shashank Joshi in

14/1/13: UK Eyes Merlin Refit to Solve Marine Lift Gap | Lee Willett in Defense News

10/1/13: U.K. Orders Anti-Sniper System For Use by Troops in Afghanistan | John Louth in Defense News

10/1/13: New Talks Loom Over Iran's Nuclear Program |Shashank Joshi in Voice of America

10/1/13: UK armed forces could be 'fatally compromised' by cyber attack | John Basset in The Register

9/1/13: Military at loggerheads over carriers | Lee Willett in the Financial Times

7/1/13: Qatar: regional backwater to global player | Michael Stephens in BBC News

6/1/13: Argentina Falkland Grab a 'Diversion' | Matt Ince in the Sunday Express

3/1/13:  Fears for prisoners left behind after Afghan withdrawal | Peter Quentin on BIJ

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