RUSI In The News January 2011

Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from January 2011

MoD Cuts

RUSI's research - and numerous events - analysing the scale and prudence of cuts in the defence budget meant that, as the subject continued to dominate the headlines, so did RUSI's findings. The 'Future Defence Review 7' conference on 10 January featured Minister of State for Armed Forces Nick Harvey MP and focused on 'the unfinished business' of the October 2010 SDSR, and, which prompted a wave of interest in the Institute and its agenda-setting research.

Coverage: The Daily Express, SC Magazine, C4ISR Journal, BBC (twice), The Guardian, Defence Professionals, Jane's (twice), Defence Management (twice), Wall Street Journal (twice) , The Financial Times, Aviation Week, ForexPros

One of the consequences of the Review was the scrapping of the Nimrod spy plane, a subject on which RUSI experts both commented and wrote their own pieces.

Coverage: BBC News,Lee Willett in The Daily Express, Michael Clarke in The Telegraph


As the standoff between the Côte d'Ivoire's incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara continued into the New Year, Dr Knox Chitiyo, the head of RUSI's Africa programme was highly sought-after for expert analysis. Dr Chitiyo also featured in coverage of the South Sudan referendum, which was the topic of a roundtable event hosted at RUSI on 19 January.

Coverage: BBC (twice on the Ivory Coast, once on Sudan), The Africa Report, New America Media


Premier Hu Jintao's state visit to the USA precipitated widespread speculation about the future of economic, military, and diplomatic relations between the two superpowers. Alex Neill, head of RUSI's Asia programme, speculated about the possibility of a new Sino-US arms race, and suggested this presented an opportunity for the EU to engage in a new strategic defence discussion with China.

Coverage: BBC, Monocle, Asia Times Online, ABC News, Voice of America, DailyTech

RUSI also hosted a roundtable event on 'Asian powers in Kashmir', which received much interested from interested parties around the globe.

Coverage: Arab News, Rediff, Kashmir Observer, Associated Press of Pakistan, Rising Kashmir

In Other News

John Hemmings on strained relations between North and South Korea, Barak Seener on talks about Iran's nuclear capabilities, and Amyas Godfrey on 'the piece of paper that fooled Hitler'.

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