RUSI in the News: General Election 2010 Coverage

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Citations in the global media of RUSI General Election 2010: Defence and Security Policy for the Next Government

General Election Content24/04/10 - RUSI Journal article triggers Brown's accusations of Clegg's 'anti-Americanism'
RUSI Journal articles in The Guardian

23/04/10 - Leader's Debate: Not much to choose in principle, just a matter of emphasis
Michael Clarke in The Daily Telegraph

23/04/10 - Leaders' debate shows uncertainty about Britain's position in the world
RUSI Survey Report on BBC News

23/04/10 - Britain's options for strategic defence missiles
Lee Willett on BBC News

22/04/10 - Party Leaders will be vulnerable on Iraq
Malcolm Chalmers in the Associated Press

22/04/10 - The defence vote
RUSI Journal articles in The Economist

22/04/10 - UK needs 'radical reassessment' of its position in the world
Michael Clarke on BBC Radio 5

22/04/10 - Britain must review its role in international affairs, says influential think-tank
RUSI Survey in The Times

22/04/10 - UK needs new role in world politics, says survey

22/04/10 - Britain needs global defence role rethink

22/04/10 - Liberal Democrats' figure of £100 billion for Trident is 'plausible'
Malcolm Chalmers on Channel 4 FactCheck

21/04/10 - What's in a debate?
RUSI Survey Report in TIME

21/04/10 - Current operations in Afghanistan play 'an intrinsic part in maintaining the UK's security'
RUSI Survey in The Guardian

21/04/10 - Party Leaders lay out their policy positions ahead of Thursday's foreign affairs TV debate
RUSI Journal articles in The Guardian

16/04/10 - Labour attacks Tories on China stance
Jonathan Eyal in The Financial Times

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