RUSI in the News February 2013

Selected citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media, February 2013

28/2/13: U.K. Wasting Money on Unwanted Defense Kit, Lawmakers Say | RUSI report on Bloomberg

27/2/13: MoD wastes £6.6bn on kit and supplies it does not need as it tries to save money by cutting troops | RUSI report in the Daily Mail

27/2/13: Trident spending to account for one third of defence budget within a decade | RUSI report in the Daily Telegraph

27/2/13: Lavrov meets Kerry, renews calls for Syria negotiations | Michael Stephens on Voice of Russia

27/2/13: Iran hails 'turning point' as world powers make key nuclear concessions | Hugh Chalmers in the Daily Telegraph

26/2/13: U.K. Defense Budget Gap Set to Widen, RUSI Says | RUSI report in Bloomberg News

26/2/13: U.K. Military May Face New Barrage of Cuts Over Decade | RUSI report in Defense News

25/2/13: The Continent without a Military | Jonathan Eyal in The National Interest

21/2/13: Flawed F-35 Fighter Too Big to Kill as Lockheed Hooks 45 States | Chaiki Akimoto in Bloomberg BusinessWeek

21/1/13: The Meadow: Kashmir 1995 - Where the Terror Began |   Raffaello Pantucci in Foreign Policy

18/2/13: Nigeria extremists claim abduction of 7 foreigners | Raffaello Pantucci in the Associated Press

18/1/13: Issue of Nuclear Force Looms For Scottish Vote | Malcolm Chalmers in Avaiation Week

14/1/13: UK to build human rights alliances, says William Hague | RUSI event on BBC News

13/2/13: North Korean testing may close door on talks | Hugh Chalmers in the Scotsman

12/2/13: Nuclear test analysis | Chiaki Akimoto on NHK World

12/2/13: North Korea blast bigger than 2009 atom test | Shashank Joshi on BBC News

12/2/13:  'Politicised' court cases anger Kuwaiti Bedouin | David Roberts on BBC News

12/2/13: 'Jingoistic concept' defeated | Michael Codner in Cambridge News

11/2/13: Persian Gulf Countries Favor High-Tech Defenses | Jonathan Eyal in Aviation Week

8/2/13: Britain will leave 3,000 military vehicles worth £2bn behind on the frontline when pulls out of Afghanistan | John Louth in the Daily Mail

7/2/13: Japan Vows Foreign-Policy Response to Territorial Incursions | Chiaki Akimoto on Bloomberg Businessweek

7/2/13: What Will North Korea's Nuclear Test Reveal? Hugh Chalmers on AFP 

5/2/13: Iran nuclear talks set for February 26 | Shashank Joshi on Reuters

5/2/13: Serious questions lie behind huge UK weapons programme |  John Louth in The Guardian

1/2/13: The Saudis in the eye of the holder | RUSI event on Channel 4 News


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