RUSI In The News February 2011

Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from February 2011

Defence Spending

With the fallout of the Strategic Defence and Security Review increasingly evident, RUSI experts were cited in a variety of articles assessing the scale and prudence of the cutbacks. Naval, air and land force capabilities are in the crosshairs as the UK's military capabilities are reduced on all fronts.

Coverage: The Guardian (twice), Aviation Week (twice), The Financial Times, The Times, Defence Management (twice), The Plymouth Herald
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Middle East

Uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East dominated world news headlines throughout the month, as a popular revolt against Tunisia's President Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali inspired disaffected citizens to rise up against the static, overbearing autocratic regimes of the region. As the wave of discontent gathered momentum, RUSI experts were interviewed, quoted, and asked to contribute articles to prominent domestic and international publications.

Coverage: Egypt - Bloomberg Businessweek (twice), BBC News (three times), San Francisco Chronicle; Bahrain - CNN, The Guardian, Channel 4 News; Libya - BBC News, CNN, ITV News, Bloomberg; Iran - Voice of America
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Asia Programme

As the prudence of maintaining the status quo in EU and UK trade relations with China was under scrutiny, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced that the FCO had been the victim of an attempted (Beijing-ordered, it later transpired) cyber-attack. Alex Neill, head of RUSI's Asia programme, commented on both phenomena, and January's 'Asian Powers in Kashmir' conference continued to receive coverage from interested parties.

Coverage: The Trumpet, The Guardian, Greater Kashmir
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Faith Under Fire

In his address, delivered to RUSI members on 22 February, the Right Reverend Dr Stephen Venner DL, Bishop to HM Forces, considered questions of faith, spirituality and human nature. Both he and Chair Lord Dannatt, former Chief of the General Staff, were quoted in coverage of the event.

Coverage: BFBS (twice), BBC News, The Telegraph
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In other news

The Guardian looked at how MPs have set about blocking the military covenant, featured Lisa Aronsson's thoughts on plans for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, The Daily Beast blogged about Barack Obama's 'betrayal' of Britain, The Guardian referred to Jim Murphy's imminent appearance at the Institute, and the Scottish Herald waxed lyrical about Britain's 'moral obligation' to cancel Trident.

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