RUSI In The News December 2010

Citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media from December 2010

SDSR Fallout

Once the severe cuts to the defence budget were announced, RUSI experts were highly sought after for comment on their significance.

COVERAGE: The Times, The Guardian, Channel 4 News, Defense News

At the Institute's annual Chief of the Defence Staff lecture, General Sir David Richards spoke candidly about the future of Britain's Armed Forces in the wake of spending cuts and in the face of intense threats to Britain's soldiers and citizens.

COVERAGE: Financial Times, BBC News, Guardian, The Telegraph


News that violence in Afghanistan was, despite the White House's reassurance to the contrary, rising meant there was little optimism surrounding the mission in Afghanistan as the year drew to a close.

COVERAGE: Associated Press, The Guardian, The Spectator, The China Post, Daily Times, The Province,


The diplomatic cables released by Julian Assange's organisation caused quite a stir - with the ripples reaching all but a few countries. RUSI's Michael Codner and Professor Michael Clarke were quoted in articles examining the extent of the damage caused.

COVERAGE: Newsweek, Financial Times

Côte d'Ivoire

Following an unsatisfactory election outcome, incumbent Laurent Gbagbo put up fierce resistance to international calls for him to stand down and allow Alassane Ouattara to assume the presidency. As tensions escalated and events descended into violence and farce, Knox Chitiyo, Head of RUSI's Africa programme, was in high demand.

COVERAGE: BBC News, Newstime Africa, Ghana Business News



RUSI research and researchers were also quoted in reports on Japanese defence policy, NATO's agenda for 2011, Anglo-Algerian relations, and the proliferation of mobile phones being used to radicalize prison inmates. Coverage of the Chilcot inquiry, elections in Egypt, and the arrest of terror suspects in the UK just before Christmas also drew on RUSI expertise.

The Independent on Sunday and Ian Blair (writing in The Guardian) also made complimentary references to the Institute.

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