RUSI in the News - August 2008

Citations of RUSI expert analysis and initiatives in the global media, August 2008.


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RUSI Experts in the News

Russia and Georgia

The current crisis in Georgia has opened up questions about the lengths to which Russia will go to protect Russians outside their borders. Jonathan Eyal doubts this heralds further posturing from Russia in, for example, the Ukraine. 'They don't need to do the same elsewhere simply because what is happening in Georgia has already driven home the message that what happens in these Russian enclaves, wherever they are, is for Russia to determine and no-one else,'

The Telegraph, The Herald, The Scotsman, The Herald, Bloomberg, Press TV Iran

RUSI Analysis on the crisis in Georgia

Poland- USA Missiles

The agreement to host US missiles in Poland has raised questions about the extent to which the US will intervene for her allies. RUSI's Alastair Cameron states that Poland depending on the US "is as much of a gamble as the Georgians took when they depended on U.S. support."

The Independent, Wall Street Journal

RUSI Analysis on NATO

China Protests 

What does that means for the safety of the tens of thousands of athletes, tourists, journalists, Olympic officials, and world leaders arriving in Beijing for the Games? Chances are, the Chinese government's extensive preparations in the city will make it exceedingly difficult for terrorists to strike, says Alexander Neill

Business Week, The Guardian

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The current situation in Zimbabwe means that domestic support for a substantive deal is overwhelming. Any arrangement will have to vest significant power in any post offered to Mr Tsvangirai, according to RUSI's Knox Chitiyo.

The Independent

RUSI Analysis on Zimbabwe

UK Terrorism

The majority of people involved in terrorism in Britain aren't loners or religious zealots, an intelligence report has suggested, challenging stereotypes of extremists in hopes of better understanding what prompts attackers to strike. Speaking of the leaked report RUSI’s Sandra Bell says, "I think it's useful in the fact that stereotypes are really quite corrosive."

The International Herald Tribune

RUSI Homeland Security Analysis

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