RUSI in the News April 2013

Selected citations of RUSI experts, analysis and events in the global media, April 2013

30/4/13: British military planning to build 'shadow presence' in the Persian Gulf |  RUSI Paper in the Daily Express

30/4/13: Middle East 'future for UK military' |  RUSI Paper on BFBS

29/4/13: Crime prevention key to policing - but 'hard to measure' | RUSI event on Channel 4 News and others

29/4/13: US Has Concerns with UK Plan to Outsource Acquisition Oversight |  RUSI Paper on Defense News

29/4/13: British forces returning to imperial stamping grounds east of Suez: think tank | RUSI Paper in the Washington Times

29/4/13: 'East of Suez': Are UK forces returning? | RUSI Paper on BBC News

29/4/13: British royals pull out all stops for Sheikh Khalifa's visit | RUSI Paper in the National

29/4/13: Britain may reverse East of Suez policy with return to military bases | RUSI Paper in the Daily Telegraph

29/4/13: Military wisdom | RUSI Paper in the Daily Telegraph

27/4/13: UK Is Using Drones In Afghanistan, Ministry Of Defence Confirms | | RUSI Paper on The Huffington Post

27/4/13: EU attaché plan 'will harm Nato' | Richard Kemp in The Daily Express

27/4/13: Protests after UK confirms using drones in Afghanistan | RUSI Paper on Pakistan Today

26/4/13: NATO Commander: 'Cautious Optimism' Ahead of Afghanistan Withdrawal |Matthew Willis on Voice of America

26/4/13: How Obama is Helping Assad | Shashank Joshi on The Daily Beast and others

26/4/13: US not 100% sure chemical weapons were used in Syria | Shashank Joshi on The Voice of Russia

25/4/13: MoD procurement reform plan gets cool industry response | RUSI Paper in the Financial Times

25/4/13: China's Xinjiang Violence Highlights Tensions with Uighurs | Raffaello Pantucci on the Voice of America

25/4/13: Iran's unlikely al-Qaeda ties: fluid, murky and deteriorating |  Shashank Joshi on Al-Arabiya

25/4/13: UK Defense Agency Sale Said to Clear Treasury | RUSI Paper on Bloomberg

25/4/13: Hagel arrives in Abu Dhabi on last leg of Middle East tour | Shashank Joshi in the National

24/4/13: Is alienation drawing vulnerable immigrants to jihad? | Raffaello Pantucci in the Mail & Guardian

23/4/13: Iran denies role in alleged 'al-Qaeda-backed' Via train plot | Michael Stephens in the Globe and Mail

21/4/13: US 'slow' to tackle homegrown jihadism | Michael Clarke in the Financial Times

20/4/13: London Marathon security beefed up after Boston attacks | Margaret Gilmore on NBC News

19/4/13: Boston bombing suspects: the search for a motive | Charlie Edwards in the Financial Times

18/4/13: Storm Shadow - ushering in a new era of British procurement ideology | Henrik Heidenkamp in Airforce Technology

18/4/13: Scots vote, replacement debate challenge British nuclear deterrent | RUSI Event on Reuters

17/4/13: London marathoners won't quit as sports world reviews security | Jennifer Cole in the New Haven Register

15/4/13: US drones programme 'risks legalising al-Qaeda' | Shashank Joshi in the Daily Telegraph

14/4/13: India emerges as a hub for EADS unit Cassidian | Henrik Heidenkamp in the Economic Times

13/4/13: Syria may have crossed a line, but West will hold fire | Michael Clarke in The Times

12/4/13: Petition signed by 100,000 for Guantanamo detainee | Raffaello Pantucci on BBC News

12/4/13: Civilians die in 'deliberate' strikes by Syria's air force | Michael Stephens in the Mail & Guardian

12/4/13: Drone-wrecking laser gun to sail on US warship | Elizabeth Quintana in the New Scientist

11/4/13: Qatar Sends Aid Money to Help Egypt | Michael Stephens in the Daily Beast

10/4/13: Afghanistan peace deal with Taliban needed, say MPs |  Michael Clarke on BBC News 

9/4/13: Cyberwarfare threatens efforts to secure cyberspace | John Bassett in the Gulf News

7/4/13: Iran nuclear talks at impasse but not seen over yet | Shashank Joshi in The Nation

6/4/13: Calls for Britain to offer asylum to Afghan interpreters | Michael Clarke in the Chicago Tribune

6/4/13: The road to radicalization | Raffaello Pantucci in the Toronto Star

4/4/13: UK should consider scaling back nuclear deterrent | Hugh Chalmers on

4/4/13: We can pursue disarmament while renewing Trident | Hugh Chalmers on

3/4/13: The Turkey-Israel rapprochement | Shashank Joshi in Foreign Policy

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