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Courtesy of MoD/Peter George/OGL

UK Future Combat Air: A Programme Management Imperative

John Louth and Adrian Spragg
RUSI Journal, 25 September 2019
Aerospace, UK, Technology
A sixth-generation aircraft needs a new model of defence procurement.

Combat airpower is poised to continue as a key strategic force in the short-to-medium term. Maintaining air superiority against changing diverse threats remains critical to UK national security and freedom of action. The traditional model of combat air acquisition might need to change to exploit the opportunities of the Digital Age, meet the aims of the UK’s defence industrial strategy and embrace new international capability partners. Tempest can be the catalyst for this, enabling the UK to sustain its position as a leading global industrial air power.

BANNER IMAGE: From Eurofighter to F-35 to Tempest. The UK’s next combat air platform will likely be a significant step forward in terms of digital capability. Courtesy of MoD/Peter George/OGL

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