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A landing craft viewed from the well deck. Courtesy of US Navy/Lyle Wilkie

Towards a New Arctic: Changing Strategic Geography in the GIUK Gap

Rebecca Pincus
RUSI Journal, 27 May 2020
UK Integrated Review 2021, US Defence Policy, NATO, Americas, Defence Policy, Climate Security, International Institutions, Maritime Forces, Europe
The Arctic is increasingly linked to North Atlantic security issues.

Thus far, the strategic importance of the GIUK–N (Greenland–Iceland–UK–Norway) region has been understood in a transatlantic context. With the opening of the Arctic Ocean, however, the region’s strategic significance as the gateway to the Arctic is increasing. In this article, Rebecca Pincus argues for the incorporation of a new, transpolar perspective into strategic considerations of the GIUK–N. A strategic re-evaluation is timely to prepare US and NATO forces to play a shaping role as the Arctic Ocean continues to open and great power competition persists.

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