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Syria: Laying the Foundations for a Credible and Sustainable Transition

Scott Lucas, Christalla Yakinthou and Stefan Wolff
RUSI Journal, 22 June 2016
Syria, Counterinsurgency
Policy-makers must recognise that the current situation in Syria will have an impact on the options available for any long-term political settlement

Despite its extreme fragility, the ceasefire in place in Syria since February 2016 has afforded the opportunity to assess the options for a set of interim governance and transitional justice arrangements. These could establish the foundations for a transition following the conclusion of the Syrian civil war, regardless of its endpoint. Drawing on the specifics of the Syrian case and wider studies of interventions in, and transitions from, civil war, Scott Lucas, Christalla Yakinthou and Stefan Wolff consider the challenges of peace- and state-building, identifying both risks and mitigating actions. The article argues that risk mitigation is possible and should begin now. These efforts need to be supported by the international community in order to lay the foundations for a credible and sustainable post-civil war transition in Syria.

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