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Military Videogames: More Than a Game

Nick Robinson
RUSI Journal, 25 September 2019
History, Technology
The uncertainty of contemporary conflicts encourages game developers to turn to past and future wars.

This article demonstrates the significance of military videogames, exploring the changes in representations (how war is depicted) and production processes (the links between the military and videogames industries) that have occurred from the 1990s to the present. It argues that representations have moved from a focus on the 9/11 wars to depicting conflicts set in the past and/or future, so depoliticising popular culture. In terms of production, there have been corresponding changes, with a loosening of the historic links between the military and videogames industry.

BANNER IMAGE: A professional gamer playing a first-person shooter. Such games are embedded in cultural and economic life. Courtesy of Gorodenkoff/

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