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Urban scenes in Somalia.

Making Mogadishu Safe

Alice Hills
RUSI Journal, 21 December 2016
Horn of Africa, Global Strategy and Commitments, Counterinsurgency, Terrorism, UK Defence, Africa
Community-focused counterterrorism could be a valuable measure in the struggle to improve Mogadishu’s security.

The UK’s multi-agency approach to making Mogadishu safe involves multiple defence and development projects, few of which improve street-level security. For this to happen, the UK must support Somali-led initiatives that collect community intelligence while expressing the value residents place on social capital and information. Alice Hills uses a neighbourhood watch scheme in Waberi District to explore the relationship between counterterrorism and community safety and what it means for UK policy. She finds that Waberi’s cheap and sustainable scheme makes an identifiable contribution to the UK’s security objectives while helping to provide the physical security that Mogadishu’s residents want.

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