RUSI host delegates from the Research Institute on National Security Affairs (RINSA) at the Republic of Korea’s National Defense

RUSI met with Dr Lim Chae-hong and Dr. Lee, Soong Hee from the Research Institute on National Security Affairs (RINSA) on 12th October 2007.

In attendance from RUSI was the Director of the Institute Professor Michael Clarke, Director of the International Security Studies Department Dr Jonathan Eyal, Head of the Asia Programme Alex Neill and Dr Michael Williams, Head of the Transatlantic Programme.

The meeting included a number of very engaging and lively discussions. Dr Lim gave a very detailed talk on the six-party negotiations, the path towards nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, and the eventual test by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. Dr Michael Williams followed with a thorough overview of the future of NATO and its global partnership.

This was an inaugural meeting between the two organizations and RUSI looks forward to expanding the relationship further.

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