RUSI display at Eurosatory 2008

Eurosatory smallRUSI gave a strategic, intellectual and a prospective dimension to the Eurosatory 2008 defence exhibition by having a presence at the Eurosatory think tank village (Stand H0 40c) and by presenting at Eurosatory's Think Tanks Roundtable Programme.

Held in Paris between 16 - 20 June 2008, Eurosatory is a longstanding International Land, Airland and Homeland Defence Exhibition where technological innovations are uncovered and where the urgent policy issues of our day are debated by a gathering of worldwide experts.

Think Tanks Roundtable Programme

Monday 16 June

The Future of ESDP

Current Developments of ESDP seen from London and Paris

Speakers: Jonathan Eyal and Alastair Cameron

The Implications of the New French White Paper

Speakers: Jonathan Eyal and Alastair Cameron

Tuesday 17 June

What is left of Transformation?

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles

Speaker : Elizabeth Quintana

Defense industry and Transparency

Procurement Policy and Practice including Through-Life Capability Management

Speaker : Michael Codner

Wednesday 18 June

The Future Strategic Environment

Russia: Political transition and Problems

Speaker : Jonathan Eyal

British perspectives on the Future Strategic Environment

Speaker : Michael Clarke

Security implications of Climate Change

Speaker : Tobias Feakin

Thursday 19 June

Stabilization Operations, Irregular War and Their Implications

The Development of Military Doctrine and Concepts for Irregular War

Speaker : Michael Codner

The Comprehensive Approach

Speaker : Paul Smyth

Friday 20 June

Terrorism : How to Counter it at Home and on Operations

Terrorism and Radicalisation, Counter-terrorism Policing

Speaker : Garry Hindle

Current Operations / Countering Insurgency and Irregular Operations

Speaker : Paul Smyth

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