RUSI Collaborates with South Korean Think-Tank on Non-Proliferation

Workshop held in Seoul to discuss proliferation threats from Iran and North Korea.

RINSA - RUSI Workshop 24 January 2014

On January 23-24, a RUSI delegation travelled to Seoul for a workshop with the Research Institute for National Security Affairs (RINSA) of the Korea National Defense University. The delegation consisted of Professor Malcolm Chalmers (Research Director), Dr. Jonathan Eyal (Director, International Security Studies) and Andrea Berger (Research Fellow, Nuclear Policy).

Hosted by the British Embassy, the workshop focused on proliferation threats from the Iranian and North Korean nuclear and missile programmes. Discussions drew upon the significant expertise of the participants in the security dynamics of both Middle East and Northeast Asia.

They considered: recent developments in these regions and their effect on traditional proliferation drivers; trends in nuclear and missile proliferation by Iran and North Korea; and, what lessons might be learned from the efforts of the UK and South Korea to counter those threats.

After a fruitful and thought-provoking two-day session, RUSI and RINSA agreed to pursue further joint efforts in these areas over the coming year.

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