RUSI celebrates the Diamond Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee LogoThe Royal United Services Institute has offered its congratulations to the Queen as she marks her sixtieth year as monarch. RUSI's Loyal Greeting marks a long association with the Royal Family, which began in 1860 when the Institute was granted a Royal Charter.

As the UK and Commonwealth countries prepare to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen's accession to the throne, RUSI sent its own message of congratulations to the Monarch ahead of the anniversary next week:

On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee, the Trustees, Advisory Council, staff and all the members of the Royal United Services Institute join me in conveying to Your Majesty with love and loyalty our heartfelt congratulations, both as the august Patron of our Institute and as our Monarch.

We give thanks for Your Majesty's dedication throughout Your august reign and for Your support and Patronage of our activities in the pursuit of defence and security studies. 

RUSI has a long and fruitful association with the Royal Family. Queen Victoria granted the organisation Royal Patronage in 1860. The Royal United Services Institution was commanded by the Crown to further 'the promotion and advancement of Naval and Military Science and Literature'.

In 1890, Queen Victoria granted to RUSI the use of the Banqueting House (next door to RUSI's current headquarters) to house RUSI's Museum and growing library collection. 

In 1897, RUSI's headquarters played its part in Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee by erecting stands around the Museum so that people could view Queen Victoria's Jubilee procession.[1]

Coronation 1953 RUSI Museum
RUSI Coronation Ticket

When King George VI died in 1952, the RUSI leadership offered condolences to Queen Elizabeth, re-affirming RUSI's loyalty to the new monarch:

'We recall with pride that His Majesty was Patron of this Institution since His Accession to the Throne, and we treasure in our Museum a number of His gracious gifts.

We, Members of this Royal Institution, officers holding Your Majesty's Commission, beg to affirm our loyal devotion to Your Throne and Person.'

When the Coronation of her Majesty took place in June 1953, RUSI offered members of the public a chance to observe the procession through Whitehall from its Headquarters.

RUSI's Royal patronage remains central to RUSI's work as it evolved as a modern think-tank engaged in cutting edge research.  While Her Majesty remains as RUSI's Patron, His Highness, the Duke of Kent has been RUSI's President.

When the Queen's Golden Jubilee was marked in 2002, Her Majesty commended RUSI's work: 'I am aware of the invaluable role played by the RUSI in promoting the study of national and international defence and security issues and I wish you continued success as a centre of excellence'.

Silver Jubilee

 HM Queen letter 2002



1. Damian P O'Connor, Between Peace and War: British Defence and the Royal United Services Institute, 1831-2010, (London: RUSI, 2011)  p.100

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