RUSI Announces Launch of Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies

New research centre launched to address challenge and effects of financial crime and illicit finance on the UK and international security.

The Royal United Services Institute is delighted to announce the creation of a new Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies. The Centre will focus on the fields of financial crime, threat finance and financial intelligence (FININT).

Organised crime costs the United Kingdom £24 billion per annum. Earlier this year the Home Secretary Theresa May argued in a speech to RUSI in June that, ‘…for too long in this country we have not taken economic crime seriously.’

Along with the impact of financial crime on the UK from both domestic and international sources, tackling threat finance is also a key security priority of the UK and international community as illustrated by the efforts being undertaken to undermine the financial capabilities of ISIS. In all this work, partnership between the public and private sector can significantly enhance efforts in this field.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Professor Michael Clarke, RUSI’s Director-General said ‘The Centre is another example of RUSI being at the cutting edge of research on security issues. We add analytical value to policy studies and this centre will be a critical link between finance and government. I welcome Tom Keatinge to the Institute – his experience will further strengthen our expertise on terrorism, organised crime and cyber security.’

Donald Toon, Director of the Economic Crime Command at the National Crime Agency, said ‘Strong academic research can add substantially to our understanding of criminal threats and help shape an effective response from law enforcement, regulators and the private sector. I very much welcome this initiative from RUSI which promises to provide a focal point for research into the problems of financial crime.’

John Cusack, Global Head, Financial Crime Compliance at Standard Chartered said ‘I am delighted that RUSI have decided to establish a new Centre for Financial Crime Studies. The Centre is set to provide valuable contributions and to be seen as a credible partner for all, private or public, who want to advance the debate and contribute to improving the effectiveness and efficiency around financial crime.’

Matthew Allen, Director of Financial Crime at the British Bankers’ Association said ‘A key part of identifying and stopping crime networks is understanding how they operate. This new Centre will provide the sort of vital insight that can help target responses and close in on criminals. The BBA looks forward to working closely with RUSI on this initiative in order to help protect customers and ensure a safe financial system.’

Based at RUSI, the Centre will comprise a dedicated team recruited from across finance, law enforcement, and academia, and will be formally launched at an event in the New Year. The Centre will be based within the National Security and Resilience Studies group at RUSI and will be led by Tom Keatinge a former Managing Director at JP Morgan. Tom Keatinge said ‘The Centre will bring much-needed research focus and capacity to support the work of HM Government, other international governmental partners, and the private sector in addressing the challenges posed by financial crime and illicit finance in all its forms.’

Notes to Editors

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2. The Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies is headed by Tom Keatinge ( Tom Keatinge is a former Managing Director in the Financial Institutions Group and Head of European Public Sector client coverage at J.P. Morgan. Contact: +44 (0) 7785 363 259 /

3. RUSI is an independent think-tank for defence and security. RUSI is a unique institution; founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington, it embodies nearly two centuries of forward thinking, free discussion and careful reflection on defence and security matters ENDS

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