RUSI and NIDS Fellowship

RUSI is pleased to welcome Mr. Shinji Hyodo as the first Visiting Fellow from the National Institute for Defence Studies in Japan. He will be staying with RUSI until September when he is due to return to Tokyo.

His area of expertise is Russian-Japanese relations as well as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).
Russian Area Studies
His publications included:
In English
  • "The Future of the Russian State as Viewed from the Federal System", NIDS Security Reports, National Institute for Defense Studies, No.2 March 2001.
  • Environment and Russia : A Japanese View", Papers of Symposium on Northeast Asian Security, June 2005.
  • "First Ever Sino-Russian Joint Millitary Exercises -Russia Rapidly Moving Closer to China", NIDS briefing memo, No. 92, September 2005
  • "Russia-closer relations with china", East Asian Strategic Review 2006, March 2006, National Institute for Defense Studies.

In Japanese
  • The Future of Multiethnic Federal State Russia, Toyoshoten, 2003. Many others.

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