Research project - the UK Sea-Launched Cruise Missile Programme

Since 2001, the Military Capabilities Programme has been undertaking a study on the UK sea-launched cruise missile programme. Looking at issues relating to lessons identified from recent operations, future force structures and the balanceĀ of investment, a series of seminars, conference papers, written publications and briefings have analyzed the future force balance in the UK sea-launched cruise missile inventory with a particular focus on the Tomahawk Sea-Launched Cruise Missile and future Royal Navy programmes including the Astute-class Submarine and the Daring-class Type 45 Destroyer. The aim of the study is to generate debate on whether the UK has the right balance in capability, weapons system and platform in sea-launched cruise missile programme.

The study is ongoing. Some of the published work is available here.

For further information, please contact Dr Lee Willett +44 (0) 20 7747 2611

The Astute-class Submarine: Capabilities and Challenges

Coercing Saddam: Tomahawk in Diplomacy and Combat

Tactical Tomahawk: Evolution or Revolution?

Operation TELIC and Lessons Identified for the UK Tomahawk and Type 45 Programmes


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