Remembering former RUSI member Stanley Maxwell East

Stanley Maxwell East was born in Lewisham, London on 7th July 1953. At the age of seventeen, he started working for the Post Office as a postman, until he retired in 2013.

His interests outside of work were mainly related to the military, especially aircraft and military hardware. Stanley regularly travelled around England to various military museums. Despite enjoying travelling, he never left the UK or flew in an aeroplane.

Stanley was Treasurer of the Lewisham Branch of the Royal Naval Club in Forest Hill, a member of the Royal Naval Association and a member of RUSI for many years.

He will be remembered by friends as a lovely gentleman who was held in high regard. Stanley sadly passed away on 20th March 2020 aged 67. 

Leaving a Legacy 

RUSI has a unique mission as a home for debate and analysis on international defence and security. As a registered charity (No. 210639), RUSI does not receive core funding from any government or institution: it is a purely independent body.

If any member wishes to include RUSI in their will, they should contact Paul Summerfield, Director of Development, at Depending on the preference of the donor, legacies can go towards RUSI generally, the restoration of the Institute’s prestigious headquarters or towards RUSI’s research agenda, which is aimed at finding innovative ways to foster and facilitate defence and security thinking worldwide. RUSI will recognise and thank all donors on its website (unless they prefer to remain anonymous). We can answer any questions or discuss ideas or plans in complete confidence.

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